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(HOT SELLING !!! )ShopMax Bag Kit

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Make your shopping faster and more organized with these bags!
Make your grocery shopping easier with the ShopMax Bag Kit!

ShopMax Bags are made of high quality fabric and are a permanent solution to carry your shopping.

Easy to carry, you can hang them in the shopping cart to separate purchases by categories and have them ready to take home!

The kit has 4 different sized bags for you to organize your shopping easily and quickly. Take more shopping using less space simply and environmentally with ShopMax bags!

- Orange: 50*29*57cm
- Green: 49*25*53cm
- Red: 46*20*48cm
- Blue: 43*20*42cm

Overall width with rods: 66cm.
How many times have you been all messed up with that bunch of grocery shopping bags? The purchases are all disorganized and mixed. Hygienic items and bloody meats in the same bag - it gives you the creeps just thinking, doesn't it?

The task of carrying multiple plastic bags becomes arduous and complicated by the weight of the products, and can end up hurting your hands, arms and harming your spine. Not to mention that when placed in the trunk of the car, they end up rolling and further disorganize their purchases.

The environmental issue must also be taken into account when talking about plastic bags. According to the Ministry of Environment, it is estimated that, in Brazil, about 1.5 million bags are distributed per hour. As much as we find other uses for plastic bags, it is undeniable that the waste of plastic is huge.

Aiming to make people's lives easier when shopping, a company from Santa Catarina brought to Brazil the ShopMax Bag Kit. It is a product designed exactly to solve all these issues and help you in the daily task of shopping.
Made from a super sturdy material that can handle a large amount of weight, these ShopMax Bags are the perfect solution to make it easy to shop around.

The bags have a design that facilitates their transport and can be rolled up compactly. The ShopMax Bag Kit has 4 different sized bags that fit the grocery cart so you can sort your shopping by categories.

This makes it easier for you to load your purchases and put them in the trunk of the car, preventing the products from mixing, spreading around the vehicle and making it easier to carry them to your home.
In addition, by using ShopMax bags you contribute to the environment. Because it is reusable and extremely durable, it will be your partner for many years of market shopping, avoiding over-spending of plastic bags, and reducing the impact they have on the health of planet earth.

Here's what Sil Vieira, from the Family Diary channel with over 1.1 million followers, has to say about the ShopMax Bag Kit:

ShopMax Tote Bag Differentials:

  • Reusable and environmentally friendly
  • Very resistant material
  • Easy to carry
  • Separate purchases by category
  • Prevents purchases from rolling in the car
  • Helps carry home shopping

We Test ShopMax

Our evaluation
One of our writing principles here is to point out products that bring real benefits to our readers and contribute to a more sustainable and ecologically balanced environment.

And for this we practice to test all products before making any indication to the public. That's why we ordered 3 ShopMax Bag Kits to see if it really has the quality the supplier claims to have.

After doing several tests, we are sure to pass on this fantastic tip. An innovative product, made of durable and high quality material. Designed to help you in everyday life and make your life easier when it comes to shopping the market.

It's easy to carry, lets you organize your purchases by categories, and makes it easy to transport them to your home. Being reusable still helps you do your part for a healthy and balanced environment.

We have no doubt that you'll be happy with this product and it will revolutionize the way you shop in the market!

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