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KIKIBOOM- Professional Facial Cupping Kit

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The signs of aging can be tough for any woman to handle. You wish that your mirror starts lying.
Don't ever let a sagging face crush your confidence, we've got just what you need!

This Facial Cupping therapy if applied 2-3 times a week will make your skin look 5 years younger and naturally gradually. 

 REVERSE-AGING - With proper application, it can remove fine lines, reduce wrinkles, get rid of that double chin, and even give you fluffier, plumper lips!

✔ GET YOUR GLOW BACK - It supplies more oxygen to your skin, improves blood circulation, strengthens the muscles and helps your skin look younger, brighter and more elastic.

✔ FACE WORKOUT - We do a lot of things for our body to keep it healthy but the face is so overlooked. 5-10 minutes of Cupping per session is an awesome workout for the face. It gradually improves facial muscle strength making the skin more firm. It acts as a natural Facelift.

100% NATURAL - We tend to try out multiple toxic creams and chemicals resulting in more harm than good to our facial skin in the long run. Facial Cupping Therapy is a chemical-free practice which helps you revive your skin naturally.

✔ SAVE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS ON FACIALS - Don’t bother burning money on anti-aging creams, Face-lift regime at salons every few weeks. This is the best one-time investment that would keep your face rejuvenated for years.

 ✔ WE CARE ABOUT WHAT GOES ON YOUR SKIN - Our custom engineered massage cups are made with FDA registered high-quality silicon – no fillers, PVC, plastic, BPA or phthalates.

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Prepare yourself for a more radiant, spotless and wrinkle-free face

However, don’t take our word for it.
Check out what some of our happy customers have to say about it!

Package Contents: 
2x Mini Facial Cup for Face
2x Micro Facial Cup for Eyes
1x Instruction Manual
1x  Facial Massaging Brush (worth $8) FREE for Today Only!

1x  Wrinkle Reverse eBook (worth $19) FREE for Today Only!

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Will it hurt & leave bruises?
Nope! This is a common misconception with facial cupping which majorly gets confused with body cupping or back cupping. Unlike back cupping where the cups are applied in a specific area for a few minutes which creates the bruising effect but, with Facial Cupping the cups are not static and continuously moving. So it doesn't cause any bruising or Hickies.

Will it damage my Facial Tissues and blood vessels?
No, The cup creates enough suction to stimulate your skin tissues but not as much to damage skin tissues or blood vessels. Also, the oil/moisturizer applied on the face creates enough moisture to avoid any damage. 

Will pulling the skin make it saggier?
No, Cupping is based on ancient suction therapy. Cupping brings more oxygen to your skin, strengthens the muscles improving circulation and helps your skin become younger, brighter and more elastic.

So....does it really work?

Yes, definitely!  Chloe, one of our customers, found that her skin felt and looked unreal only after 2 weeks of use.
"It felt noticeably tighter with a reduction in wrinkles and fine lines. I was fed up burning money on anti-aging creams repeatedly. This is the best investment I ever made under beauty products" - Chloe

The best investment you can make is in yourself.
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