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(MORE CHEAPER THAN OTHER STORE !!! ) Foot Massage Slippers

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The design is based on an alternative medical technique, which is basically similar to acupuncture.

It is based on the concept of life energy flowing through "meridians" in the body. During treatment, physical pressure is applied to acupuncture sites to release blockages in these meridians.

Just 15 minutes a day with these Comfortable Medical Slippers to help you with:

✔ accelerates the healing of wounds.

✔ eliminates toxins.

✔ stimulates blood circulation.

✔ reduces migraines and headaches.

✔ relieves stress, anxiety and insomnia.

✔ Promotes metabolism and energy.

✔ promotes sleep

✔ fight against depression

✔ relieves pain

✔ Relieves PMS and menopause symptoms

✔ Restless Leg Syndrome

✔ Foot reflexology massage for multiple sclerosis




The size 36/37 is not available because the slippers are ineffective in this size, and are too tight. Please choose size 38/39 for a better result.


Material: EVA and PU.
Color: black, red.
Size: 38-45.
1 pair x foot massage slippers.