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Do your kitchen knives not cut like they used to?  Do you have to spend more time sharpening than actually cutting?  It's most definitely time for an upgrade then!

You need this Itamae  Knife Set! Your new Knife Set will quickly become the workhorse of the kitchen, tackling any cutting job you put in front of them!  Whatever your cutting these knives will more than do the job.  

Our specially selected Knives are Ruthlessly Sharp and are ready for any task!  You can slice a tomato so thin you can see through it!  They will cut meat better than an electric knife and you'll be able to go through frozen food as though it was butter! They are that sharp you can cut through a tin can & then still perfectly slice a tomato! 

The razor-sharp knives the professional chefs use, they can cut paper with no effort whatsoever.

They look amazing and would be a complement to any kitchen.