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The New Car Tracking Device That Is Making The World Go Crazy

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A Tracking Technology NOW For Everybody's Pockets!
I must say that the new gadgets and new technologies have always interested me, but this new device is really fantastic.

Would you like to track the position of your car with your smartphone?

Up until 2 months ago, an expensive installation was needed inside your car and a monthly fee needed to be able to track your car. So, I was surprised when I found out about this little device that does the same thing, but at a much lower price.

No, there is no mistake! With this small device you can track your car at a very low cost, without monthly fees!

How is it possible?
It's so easy! Tracker, the size of a coin, was built using a revolutionary tracking technology. Inside is a battery that lasts a year and is easy to replace. Tracker has GPS coverage throughout Europe and does not require a SIM card
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Tracker is available in different colors.

How does Tracker work?

It's so easy! Tracker it is configured in less than 2 minutes!

Just connect it to your smartphone by downloading the supplied application. With this application you can know the position of Tracker at any time.

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It only takes a couple of seconds to connect Tracker to your phone.
Once the app is installed, you just need to connect Tracker to any object you want to locate at any time. For example your car, your bicycle, your keys or anything else you may be afraid of losing.

Just open the application on your smartphone to view the position of the Tracker on the map. For example, when you forget where you parked your car, just select the "find device" item to know the exact location in a few seconds.

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The Tracker application allows you to track the position of your items in detail.

Watch Tracker in action:

How much does Tracker cost?

you are probably thinking that this device is very expensive ... no. This is the best part: you can have one at a really good price. The price is $39.99. Not bad considering that now you can calm down, knowing at all times where your things are.

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Where can I buy it?
Due to the large demand, Tracker is not always available. I recommend buying it through the company order form.

Other functions
Do you often lose your wallet? Have you forgotten where you left your keys? Do you want to avoid losing your pets? With Tracker you can locate all your personal effects. Just connect it to everything you think is important or you think you can lose. Connect it to your smartphone (with the Tracker application). When you lose something, you can find it again in a few seconds. It's easy!

Tracker is perfect for ...

Pet walking

Trovare la tua auto


Bicicletta/Altri veicoli

Power outages


Blinding attackers

Animali domestici

Car problems


SOS signals


Conclusion: is Tracker worth buying?
Yes sure!

This device solves one of the problems that plagues many people. Losing your personal effects could be really frustrating ... Thanks to Tracker you can locate your personal effects in seconds. For me this is one of the gadgets that everyone should have!

Do you easily forget where you put your items or just want to keep an eye on them? Then Tracker is definitely for you!

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