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Wrench Inspired LED Mask! Programmable LED

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Amazing mask built with quality and care. Handmade!Please note that these are made to order! I am currently at a 2-3 week build time. Your mask order will ship in 2-3 weeks. Thanks!

Full-sized mask inspired by Wrench! Not a small mask!

Mask features programmable LED eyes via Bluetooth and the Chemin app!

LEDs are a “cool white” which can look more bluish in pics.

Comes preprogrammed with 5 animations! Plus browse and find many, many more or create your own with the Chemion app!

Also, create your own text!

Use the sound reactive EQ in the app as well!

You CAN see with the mask on! Brighter rooms do allow better visibility and the LEDs are bright enough to show up in regular light!

Real metal spikes!

The bottom half of the mask is a pleather material on the front under the spikes.

Last two pictures are of the mask without spikes.

Runs on two AAA batteries (Included) Please make sure when you get your mask and install the batteries that you roll them in the housing a bit.

Now there is also a wired remote option that can be plugged and unplugged from the mask. The single-button remote has a wire that runs down your arm so you can power the LED on/off and cycle through the stored animations/designs. This remote is not needed to operate the mask! It is simply an extension of the one I build into the mask.

Do not get the mask wet! Electronics + water = bad!

Voice changer can be added on in options. Voice changer does NOT include batteries. It requires 3 AAA batteries.

The voice modulator has 8 different effects for your voice. 1 robotic and 7 pitches from low to high pitched. There is an on/off/volume dial and a button to control the tone.

Head strap is adjustable.

This is our own design and is not intended to look like an exact replica of the mask used in the game, or any other design.

These masks are pretty comfortable but you may want to add padding for extended wearing.

Disclaimer: If you wear the mask for paintball or anything else and it breaks/ results in injury, we are in no way liable as this mask is intended to be worn but not to withstand force and or trauma.

No returns on customized products. We can not accept these masks back if something goes wrong as we have no way of knowing what may have happened to it. The mask will be shipped in working condition!

Please do not leave the mask in a hot place! Car, outside, etc.

Please make sure you provide a valid shipping address! If a package is returned to us for an incorrect address that was supplied to us, you will need to pay for it to be shipped again!

If you order and select First Class International Mail, please be aware that once it is shipped, there is really nothing that can be done to intercept or speed up delivery. Typically it is only 1-3 weeks delivery time for that class but could take longer depending on customs.